Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Run commands for windows

In this post you could find all the necessary run commands for windows.These commands tend to be very useful shortcuts in windows operating systems.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Basics of C Programming

1. Is is true that all C# types derive from common base class?

Yes and No. All types can be treated as if they are derived from System.Object, but in order to treat an instance of a value type (e.g int, float) as Object derived, the instance must be converted to reference type using the process called “boxing”.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Marry Brown Gaming Premier League - Season 2

Marry Brown has some exciting event for gaming lovers.They have stepped into the second season of the Marry Brown Gaming Premier League. Its really a cool offer for the gaming addicts to participate and win this league.


For all you Cinema fans out here . Fab Flickz is very happy to be a part of your entertainment life and we are glad that we have reached a year of our journey. The position where we are right now, is all because of your love and support.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How to create Access Point using TP- Link Wireless USB Adapter

Nowadays its very obvious that each and everyone in a family has adapted themselves to the latest technology.Now you could find everyone with the smart phones,tablets,Laptops.The main requirement for these devices is to have access to the Internet so that they could gain the maximum out of these devices.The role of Internet is major in these devices since it helps in improved functionality of these devices such as access to the applications,downloading of files etc.Most of the devices come up with the WiFi enabled in it,so in this post i have provided you with the simple and cheaper way to have access to the Internet using TP-Link Wireless USB Adapter.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

International Conference on “Emerging Trends in Communication, Control, Signal Processing and Computing Applications C²SPCA-13

The conference is technically sponsored by IEEE Photonic Society Bangalore chapter (India), IETE New Delhi, Institution of Engineers, India and Computer Society of India, Bangalore Chapter. Accepted papers will be published and the proceedings will be submitted for indexing by  IEEE Digital library Xplore and more. In addition, few accepted papers (for Journals) will be published in the International Journal of Computer Applications -IJCA, USA as special issues journals after substantial revision and modification.

Biggest and Best Career Combo Off-Campus Week

Wipe out the worries on your face We care for every individual talent and what it really deserves.After the exams every student has a dream to join a company, earn and become a real man. AZEAL is back with great opportunities at right time. If you are not yet placed and looking for an opportunity, here we are presenting "CAREER BAZAAR" with around 15 companies selected specially for the variety of students in the domain of engineering.